Saturday, August 22, 2015

bathroom before and after

It's time to post a few pics of our bathroom before and after. 

Because my husband spoils me, he made it a priority to tackle our first floor bathroom renovation. It is the first major project we've done in the house and the first time we've taken a room down to the studs.

First, a little tour so you can live it with me, this is what the bathroom looked like when we first viewed the house...

It is large with a nice big window. The closet that you see here holds mechanicals that run to the second floor bath room.

The claw foot tub (that I always wanted) sits to the left when you walk in.

To the right of that closet is the toilet and the sink. Yes, you could wash your hands while sitting on the potty, if you were so inclined.

To the right of the toilet was a large-ish closet (for an old farmhouse) tucked under the stairs and the washer/dryer. Prior to moving in we widened the closet to hold our stacked washer/dryer, which freed up quite a bit of floor space. We lived with it this way for almost two years (floral wall paper and cozy toilet/sink arrangement and all) making plans!

We took the entire room down to the studs to be sure the wiring and plumbing were done correctly and to insulate the outside wall.

I can honestly say that when you're hip-deep in lath and plaster you question your sanity and resolve. 

We planned a week to complete this project which we knew was ambitious but that's all hubby had off from work. We spent half of it in the demo phase. Lesson learned.

If it weren't for the kids I think we'd have shut and locked the door and left a room filled with lath and plaster.

And the finished product... From the entry doorway looking in... we still have the mechanicals closet but gave it a proper door so I have a bit of storage now as well. The toilet stayed in the same place.

The tub also stayed in the same place. We added the chandelier from the hallway and a barn beam from the old barn as a shelf.

The toilet still to the right of the closet... minus the sink.

And that closet with my stacked washer and dryer tucked under the steps.

Finally, we turned my Great Aunt Dorothy's dresser into a sink.

And one last pic looking back at the entry.

I'll share some later about our budget, my thought process in putting it all together, and the little details. And by special request... the toilet paper holder.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

a painted barn

We finally finished the barn painting! 

It only took us 3 days. 

A year and 3 days. We just ran out of time last fall to get to the painting before winter. And we waited and waited this spring and summer for the rain to subside and for dear hubby to have the time off work.
It's done now (except for a few odds and ends) and that is a huge project crossed off the list. Again so blessed with the help we received from our kiddos, a good friend's son, and to my father-in-law who hooked us up with the paint.

As a reminder, this is where we started... you can read more about the transformation here.

Monday, August 3, 2015

you didn't think it was finished, did you?

We knew the door was in bad shape and would need to be replaced. Eventually. 

Welcome eventually.

It would have been nice to do this back when we did our mini makeover in the kitchen.

But now is good too.

It all started with a puppy.

This one to be precise...
He thought the rotting wood of the slinding glass door looked interesting and with a swipe of the paw and nibble here and a nibble there, he managed to reveal a major problem with the wood door.

Thus eventually comes to visit. 

And only months after our mini makeover we had to tear the trim off and pull out the door.
I'm glad to have it done. Even if sooner than planned. Although now that we've removed the brown of the old wood door frame I'd kinda like to paint the walls....

Friday, July 31, 2015

the furniture shuffle

I finally found a furniture arrangement that I love for the living room. 

It all started with this adorable corner cabinet that my sister gifted to me from the quilt shop. I rescued it from the parking lot and an uncertain future. I love hand-me-downs! My fabulous BIL help me load it into the back of my mini-van (not the strangest thing I've ever hauled in the back of my Honda but certainly a lot less stinky and much cleaner).
I painted it a custom mix of Annie Sloan Graphite and Old White with a touch of Coco for good measure. I gave it a protective coat of clear wax but I didn't distress this one. It just didn't feel like it wanted to be distressed. 
I loaded it full of my milk glass collection that belonged to three of our "Ruth's" (my mother, her mother, and my hubby's grandmother). I added some old silver from past projects and grandma's farm house. 

And lined the back of one shelf with the table numbers I designed for a wedding (made from shaker shingles from a local barn).
Thus begins the furniture shuffle.

I shifted everything to an angle and created the perfect cozy conversation area. We sit with the kids, feet all propped up, and talk about whatever is on their hearts. We curl up on the sofa with a book and a puppy. We congregate here while waiting to leave the house for an outing. We catch up with family at gatherings and warm up next to the fire in the winter.

An arrangement that I just love!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

a (re)arrangement of the study

As a homeschooling family this is the time of year I plan our curriculum and prepare our house for a new school year. The previous year must be packed up, final grades figured, and space for the new year made.

And because I like to rearrange furniture I'll reconfigure our study and give it a good scrubbing while I'm at it. I woke up this morning energized and ready for a good project.

A few shots of the current layout...
It's a decent size room but it is also my creative space and the music room so I'm asking a lot from it. It needs a paint job (that's very old wallpaper we uncovered when we moved out the fireplace mantel) but I'll get to that some other time.

I also promised my daughter who is transitioning to high school work that I'd created a dedicated space just for her. Her very own desk. I'm good at organizing but I'm not sure I'm that good.  

What spaces in your home pull double duty?

Monday, July 27, 2015

a weasel story

Did I tell you about our run-in with The Weasel this summer?


True story.

We lost over 60 chickens to a weasel this summer. All inone week.

It's embarrassing to say. And I'm a bit heartbroken.

These weren't just any birds.

They were handselected for their breed and specifically for the color of eggs they would lay.

Have you seen this picture?

Probably not cause you don't stalk chicken breeds the same way I do. 

Or, if you're normal, then not at all.

We selected a range of birds that would give us this range of color. From chocolate brown to red specked to blue/green, tans and even white. 

Now this isn't our first flock of birds. We've been raising chickens and producing eggs for 6 years without so much as a hiccup. So I thought we were ready for such a special flock.

Not so much. Cause when a weasel comes to pay a visit he'll find the weakness in your coup. And here's the thing. My Old Man had that coup locked down tight. Every inch was enclosed and he even gave me doors on a pulley system so I don't have to enter the run to close them at night. 

But the weakness in our system, thank you Mr. Weasel for pointed this out to us, those tricky guys can fit through chicken wire.

Yep. Right through these little octagon holes.

So we learned a costly lesson. Covered very square inch in 1/2" hardware cloth and ordered new chicks. 

In the end we have the same old chicken breeds we've always had and the same shades of egg color.

One thing's for sure, they'll still taste just a good!

raw and (slightly) unedited

I decided that if I wait for everything to be perfect then I'll never get anywhere.

Thus I've taken up blogging again. However imperfect it may be.

I readily acknowledge that the layout is a mess and I haven't been able to create a header that I like. As for color, I just opted for black and white cause it seemed easy. I'd like some cute side bar buttons to go with that perfect header. And a custom blend of fonts. Maybe some great info-graphics that you just can't resist pinning. And you'd always know it was mine because I'd chosen my branding so well.

I kept thinking I'd find the time to get it just right before I really put myself out there. But I like blogging and I miss it. 

And waiting for perfect is a long wait.

So what if I stopped waiting? What if I started doing what I love and working towards my goals even if it's not perfect? What if I accepted good enough as just that and began moving forward? 

It's fitting if I think about it. My un-constructed blog reflects the evolution my life from city kid to farm girl. Little bits at a time. I have crazy ideas and wild aspirations and huge dreams. If I waited until I knew it all and had it all perfectly so, I'd never move from the spot in which I stand. That's just too much of a leap from here to there.

So this is me. Right where I am. Raw and (slightly) unedited. Good enough. For now.

Is there something you've been putting off 
because you know it won't be perfect?